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 Let "IT" Go Campaign

Take advantage of an opportunity to:

1. Let go of something that has been holding you back from reaching your goals, in your way of growing personally or professionally.

2. Conquer your fears

3. Identify and overcome personal and/or professional challenges

If you haven't let go of it, that means you are carrying it through your life's journey. If you are carrying it, that means it isn't healthy for you.

So, Let "IT" Go.
Don't wait another day. Do It Now!

These are some of the things that others have said.
I let go of:

Anger from childhood issues
Feeling embarrassed about my alcoholic father 
People who aren't really my friends
Still needing to feel responsible for my adult sibling
Giving up and embraced believe that I deserve
Thinking that I am too old to enter college
My lack of self-esteem having power over me
Caring about other people's opinion of my hair
Needing to prove myself to others
My thinking that I can't learn a language
Others deciding what is best for me
Feeling responsible for my parents' choices
My fear of swimming
My boyfriend cheating on me
Not taking control of the power that I have within
Feeling inadequate because my wife left me
Thinking others should validate me
Taking advice from those who don't feel good about themselves
My 4th grade teacher telling me I am not smart
Feeling sad because I was teased as a child

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